Overseas Reymar Leaves San Francisco Bay

The tanker that bumped into the Bay Bridge earlier this week departed San Francisco Bay today en route to Panama.

But the Overseas Reymar leaves behind a debate about the operating rules for large ships when fog descends on the bay. 

Following the Cosco Busan accident in 2007, officials introduced fog safety areas where ships would be restricted during heavy fog.
"We were surprised to learn that one of the areas that was not included in the fog safety areas was the Bay Bridge, which is the very thing the Cosco Busan hit in the first place," said Paul Rogers, managing editor of KQED Science and San Jose Mercury News reporter. "So the top commander in the Bay Area for the Coast Guard has asked that that rule be re-evaluated."

The Overseas Reymar hit the Bridge in dense fog.    

The San Francisco Bay Harbor Safety Committee plans to discuss the rule in February.

Read more from Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury News:

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