SF's Minimum Wage Rises to Highest in the Country

Thousands of San Francisco's low-wage workers will see more added to their paycheck in the New Year.  

The annual increase in the minimum wage kicks in on January 1, once again making the city's minimum wage the highest in the country at $10.55 an hour.

Even with the 3% increase in hourly rates, several workers say it's still going to be tough to get by.

David Frias, who works as a movie usher, says, "it definitely looks better, but maybe when we get to $14 an hour, we'll be more content."
A recent study finds a single person needs to make at least $15.37 an hour to be self-sufficient.

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce says the 31-cent increase will squeeze small businesses, and is bad for the economy because it impacts low-wage job creation.

Edith Beilo owns the restaurant Kusup in the Mission, where she employs 7 minimum wage workers.

"It’s difficult as a business owner," she says, "because we have to come up with that salary. That means we have to raise our prices. Our consumers are having trouble already trying to afford a good plate of food."


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