SF Baking Institute Closes, Awaits State Approval

The San Francisco Baking Institute has suspended operations, pending state approval.  

The Institute's founder mentored the staff of many Bay Area bakeries, from Acme to Tartine.
Since 1996, Michel Suas has trained restaurant chefs and baking enthusiasts from around the world. But last Friday he received a letter saying he must shut down the private, nonaccredited school immediately, because he hasn't completed the state's approval process.

"That's really the surprise and frustration I have," explains Suas, who says he's paid the fee and is responding to the state's requests for paperwork. "They didn't give us a deadline, if you don't answer by then, you'll be in trouble."

The state Department of Consumer Affairs oversees nonaccredited schools. Spokesman Russ Heimerich says they're not trying to shut down the Baking Institute. "Our goal is to get them into compliance with the law."

If the processing takes more than two months, Michel Suess says he can't afford to reopen.

Update Jan. 3: The San Francisco Baking Institutehas  straightened out its paperwork with the state and will not be closing.

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