SF To Charge For Sunday Parking

Drivers in San Francisco will enjoy their last Sunday of free metered parking this weekend. 

To Paul Rose, the idea of free parking on Sundays is old school.  He's spokesman for the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency.  Rose says paying every day of the week is just one of many changes to the city's parking meters.

"We have meters that now accept payment by your cell phone," says Rose. "The SF meters take payment through credit card and cash.  All parking meters take payment from parking cards.  So, coins are really a thing of the past, just like the antiquated policy from the 1940s for meters free on Sunday."

He says back then, most businesses were closed on Sundays and parking was easy to come by.  Now, it's a different story. Rose says charging at the meter "encourages" drivers to give up their spots more frequently, allowing others to get a crack at them.

Of course, the agency gets something, too -- an extra $2 million a year.

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