Drum Store Closes After 20 Years in San Francisco

Wednesday is packing day for a beloved Bay Area music store. Sam Adato’s Drum Shop shut its doors on Christmas Eve after 20 years selling new and used percussion instruments. But not before Adato, the owner of the small South of Market institution was able to do a few last tune-ups for customers.
 “Drum tuning is basically getting the pitch on the drum head," explained Adato, as he made painstaking adjustments. Adato is famous among local percussionists for these free tune-ups, and for the depth of his knowledge.

 “That’s what makes me happy," Adato said.  "Obviously I want to make a living and I want to make money, but it’s giving back to the drummer, the way I would want someone to give back to me.”
Adato says his brick-and-mortar location ultimately couldn’t compete with the area’s used drum trade on Craigslist.  But he hopes he can make a go of it in Eugene, Oregon where he'll open a store this spring.

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