Palo Alto Bagel Display Not Kosher, City Says

Peter Jon Shuler/KQED News

Giant bagel and coffee soon to be gone.

Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels in Palo Alto serves up strictly Kosher fare, but is in a bit of trouble over what the city says is its less-than-kosher advertising. 
Some residents complain the shop's rooftop display is altogether too much like Los Angeles. City officials have ordered Izzy's owners to remove the 7-foot coffee cup and 5-foot bagel from the roof.
A little over a month after the eye-catching display went up at the popular California Avenue bagel shop, the city’s code enforcement department notified Izzy’s that rooftop signage violates city law. 
While the display may offend the sensibilities of some Palo Alto residents, Izzy’s customers seem to love it. 
For Stanford student Stephanie Goss, it conjures up the vernacular architecture of her native Southern California. Down there, a hot dog stand looks like a hot dog and a donut on the roof is bigger than the shop itself.
“I enjoy it. It’s comforting,” says Goss.  “It kind of reminds me of, what is it? Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles.  It’s nice.”
An Izzy’s manager confirms the display is coming down soon.
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