Survey Shows Californians More Optimistic Since Prop 30 Passage

Listen to the audio:

A new poll shows Californians are increasingly optimistic after voting last month to pass Governor Jerry Brown's tax increase measure, Proposition 30.

The survey, from the Public Policy Institute of California, suggests Prop 30's passage might have shifted the opinions of Californians as well as raising taxes.

44 percent of those surveyed say they now believe the state is moving in the right direction. That’s up five percent from October, and the highest it’s been in more than five years.

Meanwhile, just under half of all adults say they’re more optimistic about the state budget now that Prop 30’s been approved.

Californians are also giving stronger marks to their elected officials. Governor Brown’s approval rating is now at a record high 48 percent.

And even the much-maligned state legislature is faring better: its 34 percent approval rating is up six points from October. The last time it topped 30 percent was in 2008.

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