San Mateo May Get More Diverse Board of Supervisors

Francesca Segre/KQED

San Mateo Supervisor David Pine (R) and his chief of staff David Burruto look at photos of past county supervisors and consider whether future boards will be more ethnically diverse.

San Mateo County’s Board of Supervisors could become more ethnically diverse, now that voters have approved a measure to elect supervisors by district. In the past 50 years, voters have elected only one Latino to the county board, and no Asian Americans -- even though those groups make up half the county’s population.
But that may change now that voters have approved Measure B.

Before Measure B passed last Tuesday, voters elected countywide supervisors, but starting in 2014, supervisors will be elected by district. Mounting an “at-large” or countywide campaign can be much more expensive than a district election.

David Pine was the only county supervisor to support Measure B. "There will be a lot more communication between candidates and voters", he said, "and a lot more people standing for election because the barriers for running for office are significantly reduced."

San Mateo is the last of California’s counties to move to district supervisor elections.


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