CSU Trustees Delay Decision on Fee Increase

California State University Trustees announced Tuesday that they are postponing a review of a plan to hike fees on selected students.

The plan, which was set to be considered by trustees Tuesday, would increase fees for students who have enough credits to graduate, take more than a full-time course load, or who are repeating courses. According to the a statement from the CSU cancellor, the plan "will now be reviewed at a later date after Trustees gather additional information and input from stakeholders."

The proposed fee increases have created a divide between CSU officials and some students who have organized into a group called Students for a Quality Education. They say the hikes are unfair.

But San Francisco State President Les Wong says the fees will encourage students to be more efficient in pursuing an education.

"It does change the behavior of students," Wong says, "And it also, if people understand it right, will open up space for students who are outside the institution wanting to get in."

Student Gregory Lewis says full-time students are already paying an average of $6,000 in fees.  

"And that's not even including books, and parking, and every other necessity that comes with just being a student," says Lewis. "$400 can make or break a student."

The new fees are projected to generate about $30 million a year.

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