New Congressmember Swalwell Learning The Ropes

Last week, Dublin City Councilman and Alameda County prosecutor Eric Swalwell beat out incumbent Pete Stark in the reconfigured Congressional District 15, stretching from Hayward to Dublin.

Swalwell begins a crash course Tuesday in "Congress 101".
In an interview Monday evening, Swalwell said he'll be getting his voting card, learning the House ethics rules, and meeting other freshman members of Congress. 
When he takes office in January, Swalwell says he plans to focus on three issues -- bringing jobs and economic development to his district, directing more federal funds to Livermore and Sandia Labs for green technology, and working on immigration reform.
"As a prosecutor," Swalwell said, "I know the importance of making sure our communities are safe. I want to make sure we have secure borders. But I also want working families to know that there is going to be a realistic, attainable road map for citizenship."
Swalwell says veteran members of the Bay Area congressional delegation have sent him their best wishes, even though they all endorsed his opponent. He says he's confident they and other members of the lame-duck 112th Congress will deal quickly with the budgetary fiscal cliff before the end of the year. 
"I hope they act," Swalwell said, "because we'd like to have certainty in government. I think the business community would like to know what their tax responsibility will be."


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