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Judge to Decide If Federal Receiver Should Take Over Oakland Police

A judge is considering getting some expert advice on whether to impose a landmark federal takeover of Oakland's police department.  Judge Thelton Henderson is looking for guidance before a hearing on December 13.  

If the court orders the federal receivership, it would be the first such takeover of a local police department. And it seems everyone involved in the legal battle over OPD is trying to figure out what that receivership would look like. The judge himself says he may need expert advice.

Plaintiff's attorney John Burris is requesting the federal control.  "And the question is, should that person have control of the entire department, or portions of the department. I think it will be very important in terms of the court's assessment and the ability to put something in place sooner than later."

The proposed federal takeover is tied to the Oakland Police Department's failure to comply with reforms ordered by the court in the longstanding Riders' police corruption case.  The city has a November 8 deadline to file its legal response.

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