Hacker Dojo Finds New Mountain View Location

Mountain View-based Hacker Dojo is escaping its permitting headaches by moving to another building.  The move ends months of struggle for the organization, which provides shared workspace for programmers and others, as well as hosting events and community gathering space.

In the last nine months, Hacker Dojo raised a quarter of a million dollars to install sprinklers, fire exits and new restrooms to bring its building up to code.  But construction estimates for the upgrades came in significantly higher than expected.  

Hacker Dojo's development director Katy Levinson says leaders consulted funders before signing the lease on the new building. "Everybody's been really positive on it.  All the response we've heard is they wanted the end product of a functioning, happy, healthy dojo.  And they're going to get it.  And they're going to get it delivered way ahead of schedule," says Levinson.
Levison says without the fundraiser, the group wouldn't have been able to afford both buildings while looking for someone to sublease the one they're leaving.

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