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Poll: Californians Disenchanted With Death Penalty, 3 Strikes

A new poll out shows Californians disenchanted with the state's criminal justice system.  The Public Policy Institute of California surveyed likely voters on a wide range of topics on the November Ballot.  

The survey did not ask specific questions about Proposition 34, which would repeal the death penalty, or Proposition 36, which would revise the three-strikes law.  But questions about the concepts behind them turned up what appear to be shifting attitudes.

Across parties, demographics and regions, 73 percent said they favor changes to three strikes. PPIC president Mark Baldassare says Californians have become very conscious about the costs of prisons.
"Voters have identified for several years now that the state budget situation is a big problem, and they'd rather see money go to education than to corrections," Baldassare said.

Half of likely voters polled said the penalty for first degree-murder should be life imprisonment, while 42 percent said the penalty should be death.

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