Tech Companies Wary of DHS Overseeing Cybersecurity

Some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies are concerned about a proposal from President Obama that could lead to more federal oversight of the Internet. The idea is to make the Department of Homeland Security responsible for preventing cyberattacks.
Michael Beckerman is chief of the newly formed Internet Association. Beckerman says his members--like Facebook, Google and Amazon--are far better equipped than the government to handle security. "They're all happy to work with the Administration to make sure that the networks are safe," he says, “but there's a difference between working individually on these issues than getting swept into a large regulation."
Robert Rodriguez is chairman of the Security Innovation Network. He works with government agencies and businesses on cybersecurity, and says there are too many threats to not act. "We're going to have to get regulated,” he says, “I don't think that the industry is going to be able to step on up."
Given the political pushback, President Obama may postpone signing any executive order until after the election.
(Ed. note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identifed the DHS as the DOJ in the headline.)
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