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New Twitter Rules Restrict App Development, Sales

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Twitter is under fire for a new directive that controls how and where tweets are streamed. Some app developers are charging the company with constricting their work in order to control advertising revenue.
Twitter announced the new rules late last week. Developers writing for other websites have to recode their apps to mimic the Twitter look, and no new app can sell to more than 100,000 users. After that, Twitter gets involved.

Manton Reece is an avid user who's written apps to provide services that the company does not, like archiving tweets.

Reece said people like him helped build the site. "A lot of us would never have been on Twitter in those early days if these apps weren't there. And to see Twitter turn their back on some of these developers that really propped up some of the early users and got people excited about using Twitter is a little bit disappointing."

Reece said the new rules ensure Twitter gets more traffic to its site, and therefore more advertising dollars.

"We have a healthy business strategy that’s going very well," a Twitter spokesperson said in a phone interview. "The decision is not about protecting ad revenue."

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