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Climate Watch

Climate Watch Special Series

Climate Updates from Copenhagen

Coverage of the historic UN climate talks in Copenhagen from a unique California perspective.

Rising Sun: How Japan is Winning the Energy Race

Rising Sun is a series of special reports from KQED's Rob Schmitz on Japan's extraordinary strides in energy efficiency--and what we might learn from them.

Unlocking the Grid

Climate Watch and QUEST team up to look at the "Smart Grid" of the future and how it might be improved to more cleanly and efficiently keep the lights on in California.

Delicate Balance

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta provides much of California's drinking water. It's also home to hundreds of wildlife species. Yet, climate change and sea-level rise threaten to shift this delicate balance, possibly for good.

California at the Tipping Point

The world's climate is changing and California is now being affected in both dramatic and subtle ways. Get an in-depth look at the science behind climate change as we explore the environmental changes taking place throughout the state.

Methane: The Other Greenhouse Gas

In the war against global warming, regulators have a new worry: methane. It's been getting more attention of late, because scientists say as a greenhouse gas, it's many times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The New Gridlock

Los Angeles may be facing a new kind of gridlock; not on the road, but on the electrical grid.

California's Shrinking Glaciers

Years of drought and rising temperatures aren't helping California's glaciers. On a recent trip to Yosemite, we checked in on how one of these "moving rivers of ice" is faring.

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