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2013 American Indian Heroes

Vernon Medicine Cloud

Vernon Medicine Cloud
Assiniboine/Turtle Mountain Chippewa

Vernon Lee Medicine Cloud currently works for the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley where he is the Grants and Contracts Analyst. He is currently the President of the American Indian Alliance of Silicon Valley and is also a Director for the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Management Corporation. Vernon was recently added to the San Jose Police Chief's Community Advisory Board as the liaison for the American Indian community. Vernon's credits who he is and who he has become to his mother, the great Karen Lynn Medicine Cloud, his grandmother, Lavina Loves Him, his grandfather, Orville Loves Him and the almighty Creator.

Orlando Nakai

Orlando Nakai

Mr. Orlando Nakai (Navajo), Executive Director, has been employed with the Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. for 19 years. Executive Director Nakai brings years of clinical, program and management expertise and experience to his work. Raised in a strong cultural and traditional family, he is motivated by his compassion and commitment to the healing and advancement of our American Indian people.

Bridget A Neconie

Bridget A Neconie
Pueblo of Acoma

Bridget A Neconie is a member of the Pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico, currently living in Oakland, CA. and has been working for over seventeen years as an Admission & Recruitment Specialist in the Office of Undergraduate Admission at the University of California, Berkeley. Bridget works with undergraduates at Cal providing mentoring and support from the beginning of the application cycle to beyond graduation. Bridget presents at workshops and conferences about educational access, competitive admissions, Native identity and the political, legal, social, cultural and diverse complexities in higher education.

Bonney Hartley

Bonney Hartley

Bonney Hartley, an enrolled member of Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation in Wisconsin, is motivated by an enthusiasm for capacity building of grassroots Native community efforts. She works on a variety of health and wellness recovery efforts serving the urban Bay Area American Indian community which has become her extended family over the past five years. She is currently the Director of the Community Services Program at Native American Health Center in Oakland, CA.

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