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Many schools in California ban junk food and sodas from campus. Is it wrong for schools to be enforcing eating habits? Or should they be doing more?

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As we discuss in the September 2008 edition of Health Dialogues, many public schools throughout California have rules limiting student access to junk food and soda. But we wanted to know if that has any affect on healthy eating -- or do kids just get their junk food after school? We asked elementary students in San Francisco to fill out a simple survey and answer the following questions:

How much junk/fast food did you eat yesterday? Did you eat it at home, at school, or elsewhere?

How much soda did you drink yesterday? Did you drink it at school, at home or elsewhere?

How much fruit did you eat yesterday? Did you eat it at school, at home or elsewhere?

We heard back from 167 elementary students, whose answers make up the graph above.

Many thanks to the YMCA San Francisco for helping us gather our data.

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