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Visual Arts | Apr 10, 2014

Santa Cruz Quilter Helps Piece Together the Lost Art of Hawaiian Kapa

Kapa is the traditional Hawaiian cloth made from the bark of a tree. Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt has studied the art and makes kapa today using natural dyes and ancient techniques. As a master quilter, she's also pushing the tradition to new places. By Cynthia Stone   

Visual Arts | Apr 03, 2014

Priced Out: San Francisco's Changing Values and Artist Exodus

As evictions climb and stories of escalating rents spiral to astonishing heights, artists are being displaced and many are forced to leave the city. Will rising costs bring about a San Francisco without artists? By Christian L. Frock   

Event | Apr 02, 2014

An Art Star Is Made: 'The Vivian Maier Mystery' Deepens at SF Camerawork

A film screening and photo exhibition on two sides of the Bay explore the mystery of the nanny who became famous when her life's work was discovered in a storage unit after her death. By Roula Seikaly   

Art Review | Apr 01, 2014

Matt Lipps: Collecting Images with 'The Populist Camera'

A collection of collections, Matt Lipps' large-scale glossy photographs combine images culled from the Time-Life Library of Photography into cabinets of curiosity. By Sarah Hotchkiss   

Art School | Mar 31, 2014

Bay Area Graffiti: The Early Days

Rarely-seen images of Bay Area graffiti in the 1980s by photographer Jim Prigoff and an interview with graffiti writer, Neon.   

Visual Arts | Mar 21, 2014

Meanwhile in San Francisco, Wendy MacNaughton Illustrates the City's Truth

So much Wendy MacNaughton goodness, it's ridiculous! Read a review and watch an interview -- and check out some how-tos with the artist who lovingly documents San Francisco's intimate details. By Kristin Farr   

Visual Arts | Mar 19, 2014

Priced Out: Saying Good-bye to the Myth of San Francisco

San Francisco: boom town, progressive leader, Mecca for misfits -- which myths are still true today? How much are we dazzled by our own projections and how much is really there? How much was always a myth? By Mark Taylor   

Art Review | Mar 15, 2014

'Stop Telling Women to Smile' in the Bay Area

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's traveling exhibit, Stop Telling Women to Smile, which empowers women living in major cities across America to challenge street harassment through public art, is at Oakland's Betti Ono Gallery through mid-April. By Adrienne Blaine   

Visual Arts | Mar 07, 2014

Priced Out: New Tech Wealth and San Francisco's Receding Art Scene

The first in a series of articles exploring the impact of new tech wealth on the Bay Area art scene. By Christian L. Frock   

Visual Arts | Mar 06, 2014

Photographer on a Mission Uses 19th-Century Technique to Make Timeless Images

Ed Drew's tintype portraits of his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan evoke the timelessness of war. Now he's turning his lens on an organic garden project that's empowering at-risk youth. By Lori Halloran   

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