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Mark Coggins

"Chris looked back at me with a power-drunk expression that was one part exaltation and two parts mischief. He had them in the palm of his hand, his expression seemed to say, and now he was going to squeeze."

William P. Arney of San Francisco's Noir City Film Festival reads "It Was the Meat," the first chapter of Mark Coggins' novel Candy from Strangers, in which jazz bass-playing private eye August Riordan's gig at the venerable House of Shields bar doesn't go exactly as planned. (Running time: 18:36)

Mark Coggins' novels have been nominated for three mystery book awards and selected for a number of respected "best of the year" lists, including those put together by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Detroit Free Press and mystery maven Otto Penzler. CNBC has said of his work, "A truer picture of Silicon Valley can't be found," and, "Gives us Northern California in the 21st century, as noir as it ever was."

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