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Sons of a Gun

See a preview of this Truly CA episode.

Watch this entire Truly CA episode: Sons of a Gun by filmmakers Greg O'Toole and Rivkah Beth Medow. (Running Time: 57:50)

Please note: This program contains language and subject matter that are adult in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sons of a Gun features Larry, who is equally proud of his hostage negotiator credentials and the fact that he owes the IRS over a million dollars. A loving "dad," he makes sure his "sons" have three square meals a day and take the proper medications. When Larry and his family are evicted, he gets them a room at a local motel while he searches for a new apartment. Lance, Craig and Ubaldo enjoy their relative freedom with Larry, especially compared to the hard times in their pasts, which include living on the streets and in mental institutions.

Like many families, this one is full of good times and laughter, but with the looming threat of homelessness, Larry's drinking gets worse. His fights with Craig, Lance and the law threaten to unravel the family and undermine his ability to find a new home. Each of the "sons" has a personal reason for remaining with Larry, but those reasons are tested by the close quarters and discomforts of four men living in one cramped motel room.

Everyone believes that the yet-to-be found new apartment will keep the family together, but when Larry finally finds a rental, the family's troubles get worse. Larry winds up in the hospital, and the guys must grapple with the question, "Should Larry be taking care of people? And really, who's taking care of whom here?"

[Original air date: Sun, Jan 27, 2013]

Episode #805H | Duration: 57:49 | Closed Captioned | Stereo | TVG

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Filmmaker Profiles:

Greg O'Toole

Read more about Greg O'Toole, a co-director of Sons of a Gun.

Rivkah Beth Medow

Read more about Rivkah Beth Medow, a co-director of Sons of a Gun.


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