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Call It Home

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Call It Home: Searching for Truth on Bolinas Lagoon celebrates the beauty and importance of the well known Bolinas Lagoon -- chronicling a community's debate over a decade to understand the forces affecting its future. Over the last few years the lagoon has been silting up and getting noticeably shallower. Opinions on what to do about it range from large scale dredging to no action at all. Call It Home captures the democratic but volatile debate among local environmentalists, homeowners, and fisherman in a small Northern California seaside community that helped to birth the environmental movement.

[Original air date: Sun, Oct 12, 2008]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Bill Chayes

Read more about Bill Chayes, filmmaker of Call It Home: Searching for Truth on Bolinas Lagoon.

Chuck Olin

Read more about Chuck Olin, filmmaker of Call It Home: Searching for Truth on Bolinas Lagoon.


Call it Home: Crew & Credits

Produced and directed by
Bill Chayes & Chuck Olin

Executive Producer
Nancy Olin

Edited by
Isaac Solotaroff

Written by
Isaac Solotarof
Bill Chayes
Chuck Olin
Nancy Olin

Bill Chayes
Chuck Olin
Kirk Schroeder
Witt Monts
Isaac Solotaroff
Walter Slater Murch

Sound Recording
Lee Lusted

Original Music
Jon Herbst

Additional editing
Mike Rand
Bill Chayes

Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer
Eric Foreman

Production Assistant
Imogene Chayes

Call it Home was made possible by
The Libra Foundation
Jeanne Powell
Wayne Heldt
John and Lisa Pritzker Family Foundation
Bella Meyer
Will K. Weinstein Trust
John Steiner and Margo King
Mark Buell and Susie Tompkins Buell
Keith Rudman
Marion Weber -- Flow Circle Fund
Fidelity Charity Gift Fund
Outrageous Foundation
Ewan McDonald and Kirsten Walker
Laurence Strauss
Falik - Cohen Family
Melinda Griffith
Aptekar Family Philanthropic Fund
Ronnie and Lawrence Erlich
Helen Zell
Chris Olin and Regan Pritzker

And many others
Archival Material
Bolinas Museum
Ocean Footage
Thought Equity
Footage Farm
GGNRA Park Archives
Robert Cameron
Robert Campbell
San Francisco Chronicle
Martin Griffin Archives
Audubon Canyon Ranch Archives
Johanna Harman
Keith Hansen
Phil Williams
Josh Churchman
Michael Bernsohn

Special thanks to
Nick and Susan Pritzker

Bay Area Video Coalition
Ewan McDonald and Kirsten Walker
Scott Tye
Michelle, Imogene and Frida Chayes
Sylvia Earle
Wayne Heldt
Leslie Cohodes
Barry Stebbings
Sandra and Jon Francis
Elia Haworth
Suzi Eszterhas
Arno Penzias
Keith Hansen
"to my Grandchildren" Maya, Loki, Jonah, Samantha & Allie

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