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24 hours on craigslist

In 1967, the U.S. Department of Defense, in order to ensure communication in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack, started construction of the ARPAnet, an experimental computer network system which would soon evolve into what we know today as the Internet.

That same year, in San Francisco, it was the Summer of Love.

In 1995 was born: a free, down-to-earth and uncensored bulletin board that revolutionized the ease and speed with which people could communicate, exchange goods and services, and create community. Primarily focusing on housing, jobs, items for sale and personal ads, the site soon became a hub for San Francisco's wired community.

By 2003, craigslist is big. Really big. Over 1/3 of all Bay Area internet users utilize craigslist on a regular basis. Outside of the Bay Area, craigslist has spread to 31 cities across the globe, with no sign of slowing. In San Francisco alone, the site receives over 23,000 posts daily, with page views close to 29 million daily. With no advertising, no commercialization and only word-of-mouth promotion, craigslist has become a phenomenon.

Inspired by an evening's perusal of all the categories on craigslist, filmmaker Michael Ferris Gibson came up with a unique idea for a film -- document an entire 24 hours of the popular website. From a single post on craigslist he assembled eight film crews to film a random day-in-the-life of what has evolved into the world's largest community board. Not just the "Best-Of" or the "Success Stories," but a real, down-to-earth look at the fastest-growing grassroots cyber-community in the city that started it: San Francisco. The mundane and the sublime, the ridiculous and the profound, all come together to paint a portrait of a thriving, humanistic community in the midst of an ever-accelerating culture.

[Original air date: Sun, May 21, 2006]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Michael Gibson

Read more about Michael Ferris Gibson, director/producer of 24 hours on craigslist.


24 hours on craigslist: Crew & Credits
Producer and Director
Michael Ferris Gibson

Executive Producer
Ian Reinhard

Kent Redwine
Alex Afterman

Jennifer Leo Russ

Sound Designers
Chris Forrest
Jeff Darby

Supervising Sound Editor
David Nelson

Dialog Editor
Chris Forrest
Jeff Darby
Philipe Neira

Re-Recording Mixers
Chris Forrest
Jeff Darby
David Nelson

Graphics & Title Design
Sam Young
Carla Swanson

Production Manager
Bridget Allen

Production Coordinator
Sahra Girshick

RC O'Gorman

Key Set PA
Derek Yamaguma

Office PA
Jille N. Eikenberry

Technical Support
Thom Loftus
Joseph Henri Bourguignon

Research Assistants
Sosia Bert
Jeffrey Boynton
Dorea Domschke
Guy M. Harrington
Florica Vlad

Camera Operators
Mitzi Auer
Joseph Henri Bourguignon
Robert Donald
David Drewry
Mitch Eason
Dan Janos
Tom Sicurella
Jessica Young

Sound Recordists
Adam Blomberg
Joshua Brooks
Steven Frailey
Jon Long
Jeremiah Moore
Martin Shulman
Yuri Koll

Additional footage provided by:
Sahra Girshick
Marguerite Howell
Marcy Mendelson
Jeremiah Moore
Derek Yamaguma

Still Photographers
Marcy Mendelson
Eric Slomanson

Post Production Supervisors
Nancy Ellen Jones
Jennifer Leo Russ

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