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Fruit of Labor

Welcome to the Fruitvale district in Oakland -- the ever-expanding home of one of the oldest and largest Latino communities in Northern California. Street vendors are visible inner-city fixtures throughout Latino America, and the Fruitvale district is no different. Here, neighborhood residents rely on street vendors for inexpensive goods and healthy snacks; the street vendors also create a living link with the residents' cultural heritage. Fruit of Labor shows the important role that street vendors play in preserving a vibrant cultural tradition that knows no borders.

At the heart of the film is Santiago "Chago" Cazares, a pushcart fruit vendor whose working days begin before dawn at a wholesale produce market, where he purchases fresh fruit for the day's supplies. Chago's story is that of a lesser-known hero, just like many ordinary Americans whose lives infuse this country with a richness that rarely enjoys respect or recognition from mainstream society. Chago has gone from rags to sustainability by selling deliciously colorful goods sprinkled with salt, chile and limon.

Fruit of Labor shines a light on the old-fashioned innocence of one man's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Following Chago's seemingly mundane daily routine of selling fruit uncovers a complicated world of people, politics and power. Faced by threats of harassment, confiscation and unemployment, Chago responds with patience, persistence and Mexican ingenuity.

[Original air date: Sun, May 22, 2005]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Pepe Urquijo

Read more Pepe Urquijo, filmmaker of Fruits of Labor and The Rocks.


Fruit of Labor: Crew & Credits
Producer/Director: Pepe Urquijo
Editors: Jonathan W. Parra & Maja Tillmann-Salas

Moises Acosta
Agustin Caballero
Marco Antonio Cazares
Eric Escobar
Anthony Lucero
Nancy Maldonado
Cedric O'Bannon
Bond Ren
Pablo C. Rivera III
Chalenco Santana
Rosario Sotelo
Dara Than
Pepe Urquijo

Dolores Avila
Agustin "IL Postino" Caballero
Luis Cardenas
Marcos Cazares
Aron Clement
Misael Franco
Betty Pham
Martha Prado
Monica Serafin

Sound Mix: Mark Rosenberg
Transcription: Jessie "Bola" Flores & Alma Munoz

Jessie "Bola" Flores
Alma Munoz
Claudia Sanchez

Jose "Chepe" Corado
Jonathan W. Parra
Rosario Sotelo
Sara Hossaini

Animation: Eric Escobar & Eva Vargas
Titles:Roberto Riutort

Original Music:
"Un Cajon de Mil Colores"
written by Francisco Herrera
performed by Francisco Herrera & Brian "Chavo" Fraser
courtesy of Caminante Cultural Work

All other original music performed by Jorge Ruiz, Courtesy of Beatoisie
Original Acoustic Licks performed by Francisco Herrera

"El Nuevo Corrido de Oakland"
performed by Genie & Jorge Ruiz
Courtesy of Beatoisie

Courtesy of Caradura

"Cumbia do los Pajaritos"
Courtesy of Caradura

Legal Counsel: Alan Haus

Pancho A LaTorre
Sonya Childress
Arturo Tejada
Angel Vasquez
City of Oakland, El Fruitvale

Special Thanks:
Cazares Family
Manuel Cabrales & Family
East Bay Asian Youth Center
Eric Escobar
Jessie "Bola" Flores
David Kakishiba
Alexis Massol
Spencer Nakasako
Isabel Toscano
Gustavo Vasquez
Al Lozano (LACC)

A Bandido Production

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