(Jon Brumit and Marc Horowitz) Sliv & Dulet

"We create problems for your solutions."
-- Sliv

View Spark segment on Jon Brumit and Marc Horowitz. Original air date: October 2003. (Running Time: 8:44)

For five weeks during the summer of 2003, artists Jon Brumit and Marc Horowitz took over the San Francisco gallery New Langton Arts, and reinvented themselves as the business team of Sliv & Dulet, the fictional enterprise behind 2001's much-publicized one-minute art show. In the Spark episode "The Bleeding Edge ... is this really art?" meet these unusual art entrepreneurs as they collaborate with 25 other artists to "develop new products and services" for The Summer Line 2003, an experiential installation that comments with great humor on the conventions of office life and the art world.

Brumit and Horowitz, who met through the Artist-in-Residence Program at San Francisco Recycling & Disposal, create interactive performance works that predominately focus on social exchanges and the creative potential of ordinary objects. Incorporating elements of absurdity and the mundane, Brumit and Horowitz have collaborated on numerous Bay Area events that push the boundaries of public/performance art including: The One-Minute Show (2001), a 30-person group exhibition that took place in 60 seconds; Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race (2002), an annual public big wheel race down historic Lombard street; and the first annual Duct Tape Festival (2002) in Oakland.

Jon Brumit holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He designs tools, instruments, and scenarios for interaction which often produce unpredictable results -- oftenhumorous and highly interpretable -- although typically arising frompublic spectacles, dynamic failures and intentionally problematizedconstructions. Solo projects include "Door to Door," "VendettaRetreat," and "BYOBW." Collaborative projects include NeighborhoodPublic Radio and numerous performance installations such as "Crossover" and "Strip Club."

Marc Horowitz communicates through the highly personal and often ironic language of material objects in his installations and sculptures, which have been described as "encounters." He often uses photography as a way of presenting visual and conceptual discordance and harmonies. In 2001 he founded Your Local Gallery in Oakland, and has curated and performed in numerous exhibitions including Think Again, Pictures, Photos, Sculptures, Sounds & Installation, and Stuffed Animal Golf over the Great Highway, a collaborative public performance. Horowitz holds a degree in marketing from Indiana University and lives and works in San Francisco.

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