Shuch, Aguilar, and Aoki

Go on a creative journey with choreographer and dancer Erika Chong Shuch from the Headlands Center to center stage.

Explore a language created by modern technology with experimental artist Jesus Aguilar.

Challenge gender stereotypes with printmaker Kathy Aoki.

Experience the animation of M dot Strange.

[Original air date: Wed, May 30, 2007]

Episode #510H | Duration: 28:03 | Closed Captioned | Stereo | TVG

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Featured Profiles:

Erika Chong Shuch

Go on a creative journey with Erika Chong Shuch from the Headlands Center for the Arts to the stage.

Jesus Aguilar

Explore language through technology with conceptual video artist Jesus Aguilar.

Kathy Aoki

See how visual artist Kathy Aoki uses teddy bears and lip gloss in her feminist works.

M dot Strange

Experience the animation of Michael Belmont, also known as M dot Strange.

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