Wiley, Akers, and Bamuthi Joseph

Discover the tradition of spiritual music found at Angola State Prison in Louisiana with saxophonist Howard Wiley.

Spend the day with weaver Adela Akers in her studio as she works with painstaking delicacy.

Lend an ear to Marc Bamuthi Joseph, who blends spoken word, rap and movement to tell stories drawn from personal experience.

[Original air date: Wed, May 02, 2007]

Episode #506H | Duration: 27:16 | Closed Captioned | Stereo | TVG

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Featured Profiles:

Howard Wiley

Find out what saxophonist Howard Wiley heard that opened up his world.

Adela Akers

See how ponies and parties play an important part in the work of weaver Adela Akers.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Meet Marc Bamuthi Joseph, who combines spoken word, rap and movement in his performances.

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