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Spark leaves the studio with artists who foray into the public realm. Photographer Todd Hido gained a reputation from his eerie twilight images of quiet neighborhoods -- find out where he's lurking now. Kate Pocrass plots out "Mundane Journeys" in which unique observations of the city are realized as conceptual bus tours. Ann Chamberlain's work explores how public spaces and places express the identity, history and experience of the communities they serve. Then, go on a walk with Felipe Dulzaides to see his "Double-Take Billboard Project."

[Original air date: Wed, Apr 26, 2006]

Episode #406 | Duration: 28:17 | Closed Captioned | Stereo | TVG

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Featured Profiles:

Ann Chamberlain

Remembering Ann Chamberlain, who mined personal and community history to create moving and evocative public art projects.

Kate Pocrass

Get on the bus with Kate Pocrass for her "Mundane Journeys" in which unique observations of the city are realized.

Todd Hido

Find out where Todd Hido is lurking to capture his eerie twilight photographs of quiet neighborhoods.

Felipe Dulzaides

Go on a walk with Felipe Dulzaides to see his "Double Take A Billboard Project."

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