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So, You Want to Be a Filmmaker?

Scott Dwyer, who produces KQED's ImageMakers and Film School Shorts, discusses what it takes to be a filmmaker. Read his advice at KQED Arts.

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    Man's Best Friend

    This episode includes:

    My Happy End by Milen Vitanov
    Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros by Lewis-Martin Soucy
    Dog Years I & II by Sam Hearn and Richard Penfold
    David and Goliath by George Zaverdas

    My Happy End
    All dogs love to chase their tail. This particular dog succeeds in catching it. Not only does this act change his life, but his new best friend's life as well. An affectionate tribute to the old Saturday morning cartoons we all grew up with. Directed by Milen Vitanov.
    - Watch the film again, below.
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    - See the film's IMDb entry at

    Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros
    When a man sees a curious advertisement for a talking dog for sale really cheap, he pursues the offer with natural skepticism. It's got to be a joke, right? Written, produced and directed by Lewis-Martin Soucy. This is Lewis-Martin's second film to be part of Imagemakers (season three, episode Handicap). Principal cast: Roberto Alvarez, Rikar Gil and Camilo Garcia.
    - To learn more about the film go to
    - Visit the film's Facebook page at
    - See the film's IMDb entry at

    Dog Years I & II
    Ben, a frustrated mongrel ties to make sense of his human companion's strange behavior. When his supposed best friend takes him to get castrated, Ben has a hard time seeing the bright side of the situation. A dog's life is not all it's cracked up to be. Shot on super 8, the hilarious film gives a dog's perspective on the meaning of life. When nothing seems to make sense, all you've got left is to live in the moment. Written and directed by Sam Hearn and Richard Penfold.
    - See the film's IMDb entry at

    David and Goliath
    David, a Jew and a resistance fighter, flees for his life as he is being hunted down by Nazi soldiers. David finds refuge in a nearby farmhouse where he hides in a dog house protected by a ferocious German Shepherd, who ultimately becomes his savior. An extraordinary true story set in 1943 Czechoslovakia and based on the life of David Bako. Produced, written and directed by George Zaverdas. Principal cast: Billy Burke, Kent Kasper, Jim Boeven and Rudolf Martin.
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    Watch My Happy End again:

    Watch David and Goliath again:

    [Original air date: Sun, May 05, 2013]

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