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So, You Want to Be a Filmmaker?

Scott Dwyer, who produces KQED's ImageMakers and Film School Shorts, discusses what it takes to be a filmmaker. Read his advice at KQED Arts.

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    The Rules of Attraction

    Take a brief, sensual ride through the raptures and realities of love. Using imagery, motion and color - and no words - filmmaker Elyse Couvillion tells the passionate tale of two soul mates. The idea came to her when listening to Tchaikovsky's "Coffee," from the Nutcracker ballet, which is played throughout the film. Sweet may be the most beautifully shot film on mini-DV, thanks to a new technology created by San Francisco's The Orphanage that allows video to look amazingly like 35mm film. It also helps to have a five-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer (Allen Daviau, E.T. and The Color Purple) shoot your film.
    Length: 4 minutes

    To have a crush means to have a violent liking for someone. Anna has fallen - hard - for a handsome co-worker who doesn't seem to know she exists. She uses all her feminine wiles to capture the man of her dreams. But there's one problem. Another woman has the same idea.
    Length: 16 minutes

    Will a chance meeting in a railway station between a beautiful young Italian girl and a handsome Irish lad who are heading in opposite directions lead to a change in itineraries? Chiara is a charming valentine that reveals how brief encounters have the power to make a lasting impression.
    Length: 22 minutes

    Once Seen
    Romance is in the air. Will a spontaneous flirtation lead to something special or will it become a missed opportunity? When a woman feels the spark of romance, how does she know if the flame of attraction has been lit for him? Once Seen is a film about destiny, chance and female friendship.
    Length: 10 minutes

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