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San Francisco Dump: Artist-In-Residence Program

View Gallery Crawl segment of SF Recycling and Disposal's January 2009 artists-in-residence, Christine Lee and David King. (Running Time: 8:41)

The artist-in-residence program at the San Francisco dump began in 1990 to encourage recycling and conservation. Since then, the program has been completed by over 75 professional Bay Area artists. Applications are accepted in August of each year and reviewed by a panel of arts professionals, which selects between four and eight artists per year. Residencies are either full or part time and last three months, culminating in an exhibition. Artists have access to a fully equipped studio and are encouraged to produce work from the materials found in San Francisco's waste stream.

In January 2009, SF Recycling and Disposal presents the work of current resident artists David King and Christine Lee on Friday and Saturday, January 23-24, 2009.

Sculptor and Installation artist Christine Lee has always used reclaimed materials in her artwork. With a background in woodworking and furniture design, Lee decided to construct interlocking benches out of recycled concrete and wood for a permanent installation in the courtyard outside of the artist studio. Lee's work is about the repetition of processes like folding, bending, weaving and stacking. For this exhibition, titled Linear Elements, Lee produced other sculptural works including also a group of window blinds that she transformed into giant Chinese finger traps.

Collage artist David King came to his residency as a 2-D artist, working mostly with printed materials. He encountered a number of spheres at the Public Disposal Area, inspiring him to produce three-dimensional Atoms, Satellites and Other Orbs for the exhibition. Made out of everything from suction cups to stick pins, these objects are reminiscent of microbes and celestial bodies.

Christine Lee's Linear Elements and David King's Atoms, Satellites and Other Orbs can be seen January 23, 2009 from 5-9pm and Saturday, January 24, 2009 from 1-5pm.

Where: 503 Tunnel Ave., San Francisco
Phone: 415-330-1400

Where: 503 Tunnel Ave , San Francisco, CA, 94134, United States
Phone: 415-330-1400

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