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Event | Nov 21, 2012

Come Out and Play Returns to San Francisco Streets

The 16-day festival of chasing, dodging, fighting, strategizing, collecting, scavenging and solving puzzles has returned to fill the city with endless fun. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Nov 17, 2012

The Bay Model: A Complicated and Captivating System On View

A working model of the Bay Area water system provides perspective, history, and copious amounts of information for anyone interested in a free and awe-inspiring look at the balance between the natural and man-made aspects of our local waterways. By Sarah Hotchkiss   

Pop Culture | Nov 13, 2012

'Borderlands Legends' Not So Legendary

With new characters and new objectives, Borderlands Legends impresses, but lacks the grit and charm of its precursors. By Emily Eifler   

TV | Nov 13, 2012

Fall TV Check-In

This season in television: the good, the bad, and the gambles. What to watch, what to ditch, and what could still manage to become a surprise favorite by this time next year. By Lizzy Acker   

Pop Culture | Oct 31, 2012

Celebrating the Days of the Dead

Listen to the KQED News report on the Bay Area's Days of the Dead celebrations. By Lauren Benichou   

Pop Culture | Oct 27, 2012

5 Reasons Why Weddings Are Performance Art Pieces

If the goal of art is to transport the viewer/participant outside his/her daily life in a way that elevates some element of being human, then weddings do that more satisfyingly than any performance piece in a gallery or on a sidewalk. By Lizzy Acker   

Pop Culture | Oct 25, 2012

Video Exclusive: An Interview with Lauren Conrad

We caught up with reality superstar Lauren Conrad at a Books Inc. signing to find out all about what she's been up to since leaving television, along with her thoughts on the worst Halloween costume, her favorite Spice Girl, and so much more! By Emmanuel Hapsis   

Pop Culture | Oct 11, 2012

10 Songs to Celebrate the END of Your Saturn Return

You might not buy into star charts. But whatever your feelings on your moons and rising signs, turning 30 is definitely something to celebrate. Here are some songs to help you get the party started (secret: this party lasts the rest of your life). By Lizzy Acker   

TV | Sep 13, 2012

Fall TV: 10 Shows to Bring Back Your Faith in Humanity

The Fall TV season isn't what it used to be. New shows being rolled out this season go from mildly disappointing to offensively stupid, not to mention the old shows that no one has the decency to mercy kill. However, among the rubble are these 10 sparkling gems of hope. By Lizzy Acker   

Pop Culture | Sep 04, 2012

I Had So Much Fun At Burning Man

A last-minute opportunity leads to a life-changing adventure? The heat, the dust, the house music and the spirit of adventure and generosity at 2012's Burning Man. By Lizzy Acker   

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