Theater Review | Nov 12, 2013

All's Unfair in Love and War in Shakespeare's 'Troilus and Cressida'

A night of "pizza, beer," Shakespeare, and the Trojan War at Berkeley's Impact Theatre. By Sam Hurwitt   

Event | Nov 06, 2013

Arabian Shakespeare Festival Brings 'A Message' to San Francisco

A Muslim, Buddhist, priest and atheist crash land in the middle of a Nigerian civil war and must put aside their personal and religious differences to get out alive. That's the basic outline of A Message, the Arabian Shakespeare Fest's first import. By Ben Marks   

Theater Review | Nov 05, 2013

Local Play Celebrates Nigerian Scammer-Jammers

Local playwright explores Nigerian scammers and the online pranksters who target them. By Sam Hurwitt   

Performance | Nov 03, 2013

Solitary Reflections: Notes on the Prison System from the Creative Time Summit

A powerful moment at the Creative Time Summit recalls this year's California prison hunger strikes. By Christian L. Frock   

The Do List | Oct 31, 2013

The One About Following a Star and Joining a Caravan

Cy Musiker and David Wiegand scout the Bay Area for things to do this coming weekend and turn up sugar skulls, a Lou Reed tribute, and a desert caravan from Mali.   

Performance | Oct 24, 2013

Halloween Thrillers

Blood will be spilled on screen and stage to celebrate the Bay Area's favorite holiday. By Cy Musiker   

Theater Review | Oct 21, 2013

Shotgun Players' Unnerving Portrait in Five Scenes

Scottish playwright Linda McLean returns to the Bay Area stage with strangers, babies, another disturbing slice of life. By Sam Hurwitt   

Theater Review | Oct 15, 2013

Political Drama Outshined by Dramatic Politics

New political drama at TheatreWorks seems quaint compared to what's actually going on in national politics. By Sam Hurwitt   

Theater Review | Oct 12, 2013

Musical Theatre Is Superman's Kryptonite

42nd Street Moon revives a long-forgotten Superman musical that shows why it never took flight. By Sam Hurwitt   

Theater Review | Oct 08, 2013

War, Death, and Gold-Plated Guns at the 'Baghdad Zoo'

Rajiv Joseph's Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo delves into the otherworldly and absurd, with a bent towards the fantastical. By Liz Mak   

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