Theater Review | Apr 15, 2014

Doctor Faustus Gives Hamlet a Schooling in Witty 'Wittenberg'

Martin Luther, Hamlet and Doctor Faustus prove an irresistible combination for a college comedy. By Sam Hurwitt   

Performance | Apr 12, 2014

The Sean Keane Exit Interview

Last month, Sean Keane, one of San Francisco's top standup comedians, announced that he is moving to Los Angeles in May. Before letting him board that 'Greyhound of the Skies' flight to Bob Hope Airport, it seemed only fitting to subject him to that most ignominious of employment traditions: the exit interview. By Anthony Bedard   

Theater Review | Apr 07, 2014

Reality Shifts 'Every Five Minutes' in Magic Theatre's Post-Traumatic Stress Play

Scottish playwright Linda McLean returns to the Magic with the fragmented remnants of a released prisoner's mind. By Sam Hurwitt   

Theater Review | Mar 29, 2014

Masochistic Audition Comedy Is a Kinky Trifle

Auditioning actress turns the tables in a bondage comedy. By Sam Hurwitt   

Performance | Mar 28, 2014

Bay Area Treated to the Beauty of Dancing as Performers Take Initiative and 'Dance Anywhere'

Friday was a day for dancing, especially in the Bay Area, where dance enthusiasts of all kinds shook their stuff as part of the worldwide flash mob known as dance anywhere. By Kevin L. Jones   

Theater Review | Mar 28, 2014

Point Shipyard Project Tells Bayview's Gentrification Story

In “Point Shipyard Project,” Push Dance Company has collaborated with the 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic located next to Bayview-Hunters Point to explore what the future of the neighborhood might look like. By Olivia Allen-Price   

Event | Mar 28, 2014

Dancers: Your Chance to Join a Worldwide Flash Mob Has Arrived

Just like what Men Without Hats told us back in the '80s -- "You can dance if you want to" -- but the organizers behind the worldwide performance dance anywhere also want you to know that you can dance at any time, anywhere. By Kevin L. Jones   

Performance | Mar 24, 2014

Comedy's Worst-Kept Secret: Mark Pitta & Friends at Mill Valley's Throckmorton Theatre

Once a silent-film and vaudeville house where Charlie Chaplin performed, Mill Valley's 100-year-old Throckmorton Theatre is a local hub for live entertainment. The Throck's regular Mark Pitta & Friends Tuesday Night Comedy is a Bay Area comedy institution with a devoted following. By Lori Halloran   

Performance | Mar 20, 2014

Silicon-Valley Businesswoman Builds a Future for Ancient Arts

Two decades ago former electronics engineer Ann Woo founded Chinese Performing Arts of America in San Jose to hand down the Chinese culture she loves. Today the organization Is a professional performing troupe, an arts-education center and a thriving multicultural arts incubator that provides a platform for traditional and contemporary artists to create new works every year. By Amy Miller   

Theater Review | Mar 17, 2014

Interrogating the Interrogators in Madcap Farce

Minneapolis comic actor Steven Epp returns to Berkeley Rep in Dario Fo's biting 1970 agitprop farce, Accidental Death of an Anarchist. By Sam Hurwitt   

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