Multimedia | Jul 13, 2013

Totally 'FarrOut': How I Made My Own Art App

Developing a sticker app using my own art was surprisingly easy. Seeing the app in action has been mind blowing. By Kristin Farr   

Pop Culture | Jul 11, 2013

Binge on 'MyMusic' in Time for Season Two

A transmedia project surrounding YouTube's first weekly scripted sitcom, MyMusic is genuinely hilarious and deliciously hyper-current. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Jul 03, 2013

Mr. Div Creates Tomorrow's GIFs Today

Motion graphics artist Matthew DiVito has created a universe of retro-futurist mini-masterpieces that show the way toward the future of Internet art while evoking a sci-fi past. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Jun 30, 2013

Karen Kavett: The Bay Area's Last YouTuber?

An interview on the changing face of YouTube with Karen Kavett, also known as xperpetualmotion, whose channel on crafting, graphic design and general nerdery has garnered over 2.8 million views to date. By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | Jun 27, 2013

Artists Who Confront Violence: An Introduction

How has the artist's response to injustice changed in the Internet age? An examination of the history of artistic responses to social injustice reveals that most key works are propelled by visibility. By Christian L. Frock   

Multimedia | Jun 25, 2013

Bear 71: Where Wired and Wild Meet

Award-winning Internet documentary follows "Bear 71" as she navigates a wild now criss-crossed with human development. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Jun 24, 2013

And an Extra Order of Guacamelee!

Drinkbox Studios' rich, beautiful game draws its visual style from Mexican culture, and its storyline, characters and motifs from Mexican folklore. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Jun 10, 2013

Have You Checked Out the PBS Idea Channel?

If you haven't yet discovered PBS' YouTube phenom, and are interested in how the Internet is affecting contemporary art and culture, then you should definitely spend some time watching these wildly creative explorations of online culture. By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | May 27, 2013

Short Films Make Skateboarders Dance

Filmmaker Brett Novak is turning skateboarding videos into an art form. By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | May 25, 2013

YouTube's Comedy Week a Mixed Bag

YouTube celebrate its 8th birthday with a week full of new comedy videos and a "Big Live Comedy Show". By Emily Eifler   

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