Pop Culture | Sep 29, 2013

Aesthetics of an Algorithm: I'm Google

I'm Google, the ongoing project of Baltimore artist Dina Kelberman, is a stream of consciousness Tumblr of curated images found online -- and so much more. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Sep 28, 2013

It's Not About the Money: Kickstarter and Celebrity Campaigns

The new trend that's got everyone heated is the rise of celebrities using online crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, to fund their high-budget passion projects. By Michele Carlson   

Multimedia | Sep 25, 2013

New Meetup Group takes on Art and Tech

ArtsTech had its inaugural event in the Bay Area last Tuesday, September 17 at The Hub in Berkeley. The panel discussion was about anonymity and technology. The crowd was small, but the debate was lively. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Sep 24, 2013

Excavating the Digital Landfill with Cloaque

Seemingly endless streams of online images come together on Cloaque. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Aug 25, 2013

Net Artist Asks What's Real in Online Images

Need a reason to stop ignoring art online? Try the HatePlow Tumblr, or Z_D_ as the page is titled, which collects the work of Portland artist Zack Dougherty, who does some provocative things with gifs -- and reality. By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | Aug 20, 2013

Crowdfunding Matures with a Lesson from Public Broadcasting

Seeking funding for Crash Course, their popular educational YouTube channel, the Vlogbrothers launched Subbable, a unique hybrid of Kickstarter and the old fashioned pledge drive. By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | Aug 18, 2013

Miranda July Wants to Email You

The artist/filmmaker's latest project involves forwarding personal emails from a group of celebs organized around weekly themes. By Michele Carlson   

Art Review | Aug 13, 2013

Synchronized Surfing with 'We See In Every Direction'

Unleashing real social behavior on the web, with Rhizome's downloadable web app, We See In Every Direction, you may never surf alone again. By Emily Eifler   

Pop Culture | Aug 05, 2013

The Wonders of 'Wheezy Waiter'

Asthmatic waiter Craig Benzine's YouTube channels have grown in popularity and proliferated. So what's all the fuss about? By Emily Eifler   

Multimedia | Jul 28, 2013

Living in a Company Town

With recent layoffs in the locally grown social game industry, the Bay Area seems to have lost its luster. Is the problem just a fickle market that has moved on to the next digital whirly-gig? By Emily Eifler   

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