NPR Film | Jan 10, 2014

In 'Lone Survivor,' Heroics Extend Only As Far As Survival, Solidarity

The fact-based film about four Navy SEALS in Afghanistan is resolutely anti-heroic until the very end, when triumphalism creeps in. By Ella Taylor   

Event | Jan 09, 2014

How to Play Music for Old Silent Movies

Film historian Jon Mirsalis (who's also a top research scientist) performs on piano for Charlie Chaplin flicks at the Castro Theatre. By Jonathan Curiel   

Movies | Jan 06, 2014

The Projectionist

Area man builds 35mm theater -- in his basement. By Jon Brooks   

Movies | Jan 03, 2014

The Human(e) Comedy: 5 to Watch

Can we extend our good will to all a little while longer -- with a little help from some friends? By Michael Fox   

NPR Film | Jan 03, 2014

Orbiting Dickens, An 'Invisible Woman' Or Two

Or three: Dickens' wife, mistress and mother-in-law orbit the Victorian literary titan in a film that critic Ella Taylor says is wonderfully perceptive about the price of loving a man who never quite grew up. By Ella Taylor   

NPR Film | Jan 03, 2014

A Man And His Machine, Finding Out What Love Is

The film Her, written and directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich), follows a lonely man who falls in love with a computer operating system. Critic David Edelstein says it's the best film of the year by far. (Recommended) By David Edelstein   

NPR Film | Jan 03, 2014

From An Oscar Winner, A 'Past' Still Hauntingly Present

Director Asghar Farhadi's film — which follows a man returning to his estranged wife to finalize a divorce — has garnered quite a few awards. NPR's Bob Mondello says that it definitely deserves its accolades. (Recommended) By Bob Mondello   

Movies | Dec 28, 2013

Film and Fog at Oakland Museum of CA

Bay Motion: Capturing San Francisco Bay on Film and A Cinematic History of Fog in San Francisco visualize what the region looks like from unconventional points of view, and pay homage to a meteorological event that stirs a mix of responses from area residents. By Roula Seikaly   

NPR Film | Dec 20, 2013

A Spinner Of Sad Songs, Struggling To Sing Past The Gloom

Inside Llewyn Davis, The latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen, focuses on a self-destructive folk singer just scraping by in Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman star. (Recommended) By Ian Buckwalter   

NPR Film | Dec 20, 2013

The 'Anchorman' Legend Continues, And It's Everywhere

The upcoming sequel to the 2004 film has been running a veritable marketing blitz between viral videos, car commercials and even an in-character appearance by star Will Ferrell on a local newscast. By Neda Ulaby   

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