Book Review | Aug 27, 2013

Looking Forward to the End Times: 'One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses'

Lucy Corin's newest book offers up possibilities for all kinds of apocalypses, each one sure to draw the reader further into her quietly entertaining world of possible presents, pasts, and futures. By Sarah Hotchkiss   

Book Review | Aug 24, 2013

'Rubber Soul' Imagines The Beatles' Early Love of Vinyl

Local radio host, pop star and author Greg Kihn's fifth book has a catchy premise, but gets bogged down in insignificant details. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Literature | Aug 10, 2013

Coming Attractions: A Top Five Countdown of the Year's Book Trailers

From quirky to riotous, this year's book trailers are really something to see. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Literature | Aug 07, 2013

On Foot and In Love: Interview with Author Gary Kamiya

Cool Gray City of Love is a walking tour, a fact-rich history, and a collection of honest, funny, and tender first-person anecdotes that all work together to create a beautifully subjective account of San Francisco. By Bean Gilsdorf   

Book Review | Jul 29, 2013

Summer Reading Pick: James Reich's Bombshell

Everything you could want from a summer read, James Reich's Bombshell follows an unhinged heroine on a criminal road trip in a dark race to jumpstart America's first total nuclear meltdown. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Book Review | Jun 29, 2013

Rebecca Solnit Explores the Fairy Tale Nature of Real Life in 'The Faraway Nearby'

A book about the stories we tell, empathy, and the nature of storytelling, The Faraway Nearby chronicles Solnit's mother's vanishing personal history as it is lost to Alzheimer's disease. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Event | Jun 22, 2013

City Lights Turns 60 and You're Invited to the Celebration

More than a beloved bookstore, City Lights is San Francisco's literary standard bearer, a mecca for writers and readers from around the world. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Book Review | Jun 16, 2013

Telling Tales: The SF Cacophony Society

A new book chronicles the history of the Dada-inspired art collective that spent the '80s and '90s concocting elaborate public pranks and performances. By Emily Eifler   

Book Review | Jun 09, 2013

Ru Freeman's On Sal Mal Lane

Unfolding in the years leading up to Sri Lanka's civil war, On Sal Mal Lane explores the ethnic divisions that erupt into violence through the eyes of the children on one small street in Colombo, the nation's largest city. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

Literature | May 22, 2013

The 32nd Northern California Book Awards

Forget Bay to Breakers, this Sunday the annual NCBA handed out its prizes to worthy authors, poets, and translators in a celebration of the past year's best books. By Ingrid Rojas Contreras   

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