Thu, Sep 26, 2013 -- 2:00 AM

The Commonwealth Club: Climate One Series

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Climate Debt -- The traditional "grow now, clean up later" economy does little to account for unmeasured externalities like carbon pollution and health impacts. But as the national and world economies struggle with the mounting costs of pollution and climate change, many companies are drawing a connection between a degraded environment and a degraded bottom line. Amy Larkin says pollution can no longer be free, and that government must play a vital role in catalyzing growth while preventing environmental destruction. John Hofmeister agrees that pollution and waste must be dealt with, but he points out that the American consumer might be less willing to pay the higher prices for electricity and fuel that would result from internalizing these costs. The program presents a conversation with a leading environmentalist and former oil executive on pricing pollution and finding business solutions for creating a sustainable economy. Amy Larkin is author of "Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy" and director of Greenpeace Solutions. John Hofmeister is CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy and former president of the Shell Oil Company.

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