Fri, Jun 28, 2013 -- 2:00 AM

Stories of Transformation: Character and Change

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Miles has the wrong body. He was born a woman, Megan. After 15 years of serious depression and confusion about his place in the world, at age 28, he decided to make a change. He chose the name Miles and began his slow, difficult transition into manhood. All along the way, he carried an audio recorder with him. The show also hears the story of Louis, who robbed people for most of his high school career. He did it for money and for thrills. He never got caught. Then, in his senior year, he decided to stop. Louis talks to friends and family, and to himself, about why he was a criminal, and why he needs to change. The program shares two audio diaries of these two people, Miles and Louis, documenting their own personal transformation.

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