Thu, Dec 6, 2012 -- 2:00 AM

Commonwealth Club: Climate ONE

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EV Riders -- Most major automakers are offering models that plug into the grid -- cars that run on electricity alone, or a combination of electricity and gasoline. What's it like to own such a car? What are the costs? What are the benefits? For Andrea Kissack, KQED's senior science editor and owner of a Nissan LEAF, it was an environmental choice. "I could have cared less about cars for my entire life," she says, but she felt she needed a car that didn't conflict with her reporting and learning. An early EV advocate, back in 2006 Felix Kramer drove a converted plug-in Prius. "My dream came true," he said, "when the Chevy VOLT came to market." He was the number nine buyer of the VOLT, and within two months, he bought a second plug-in, the LEAF. Kissack and Kramer discuss EVs, along with John Kalb, founder of EV Charging Pros.

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