Thu, Nov 8, 2012 -- 8:00 PM

The Computer History Museum Presents: The Anthropology of Innovation

The 21st century world is marked by a profound paradox. On one hand we are more interconnected than ever before, in the sense that we now live and operate in systems that are tightly entwined. But on the other, we also live at a time of great intellectual and social polarization -- and social media is making some of this fracture worse, by encouraging the development of intellectual echo chambers. This phenomenon inside organizations can often be deadly. The financial industry is a case in point. But groups or people who can jump across boundaries and categories are often extremely innovative.

What do anthropologists have to say about these intellectual echo chambers, or "silos" today? How can organizations silo-bust effectively? Moderator, award-winning journalist and anthropologist Gillian Tett talks with panelists including Intel's Genevieve Bell and Laura D. Tyson and George Kembel of the Stanford

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