Thu, Oct 11, 2007 -- 6:30 PM

Pacific Time

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Monterey's Asian American History, Japan's Boomers Retire, A Look Back at Pacific Time

Host: K. Oanh Ha

Monterey's Asian American History

California's Monterey peninsula evokes Spanish missions and John Steinbeck. More recently, it's become a mecca for serious golfers. What's less known is Monterey's Asian American influence. Now, a group of Stanford archaeologists is uncovering some of its hidden history.


  • Colin Meusel

Japan's Boomers Retire

In Japan, baby boomers are hitting retirement age in record numbers. Faced with a shrinking work force, Japanese corporations are scrambling for solutions. At one legendary Japanese company, the generations are struggling to build a musical bridge.


  • K. Oanh Ha

Music Bridge 1

"shi.bei.ju" by e-trinity on the CD "Various Shades of Blue" (Pacific City 0003)

Music Bridge 2

"Slackers" by Cui Jian on the CD "The Power Of The Powerless"

A Look Back at Pacific Time

This broadcast is Pacific Time's last. We look back at the stories and voices we've aired over the past seven years, including some final thoughts from the show's original host, Nguyen Qui Duc.


  • Nguyen Qui Duc

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End Music

"Kiryoku" performed by Anthony Brown and the Asian American Orchestra on the CD "Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire" (Asian Improv Records)

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