Thu, Oct 4, 2007 -- 6:30 PM

Pacific Time

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The West and Burma; Japan, China, and the Global Economy; Asian Americans and Gambling, Part 2; Free Food for Millionaires

Host: K. Oanh Ha

The West and Burma

An envoy from the United Nations met with Burma's junta government this week to urge restraint in its handling of the pro-democracy uprising. Host Oanh Ha spoke with Burmese native, Maung Zarni, founder of the Free Burma Coalition, who says that the opinion of Western countries doesn't carry much currency with the junta government.

Japan, China, and the Global Economy

Throughout the last century -- though not literally at war -- Japan and China were fierce rivals. According to correspondent Jocelyn Ford, the global economy is changing the way the countries relate to each other and the world

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Asian Americans and Gambling, Part 2

According to one study from the University of California at Los Angeles, 50 percent of patrons at one LA casino are of Asian heritage. This is in a county where only 13 percent are Asian American. Reporter Lenora Chu talks to the community, who fear that the addiction to gambling can create financial ruin and destroy families.

Free Food for Millionaires

Free Food for Millionaires is a debut novel by Min Jin Lee. The story reflects on the assimilation of its protagonist, Casey Han, who is a child of immigrants. Former Pacific Time's intern, Larissa Zhou, is also a child of immigrants and found truth in the novel.

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Complete Interview with Maung Zarni

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