Thu, Sep 20, 2007 -- 6:30 PM

Pacific Time

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Outsourcing to Atlanta, CyWorld, Pork and the Chinese Economy, How Pork Saved Oanh's Family

Host: K. Oanh Ha

Outsourcing to Atlanta, Part 1

Reverse outsourcing is the new buzzword. Large Indian and Chinese companies that have lead the outsourcing trend are now setting up shop in the United States, especially in the south. Georgia's governor recently announced that one of China's largest heavy machinery companies will put its American headquarters near Atlanta.


  • Susanna Capelouto

Outsourcing to Atlanta, Part 2

Indian firms WIPRO and INFOSYS make huge profits employing Indian engineers to crank out software for American firms on contract. Both recently announced they will begin hiring American programmers through new offices in the U.S. Host Oanh Ha interviews Jagdish Sheth, a professor of Marketing at Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. He's been following this trend of reverse outsourcing from India and China.


  • K. Oanh Ha

Music Bridge 1

"Full Moon Dance" performed by the Khac Chi Ensemble, from the CD Moonlight in Viet Nam (Henry Street Records 0005)


You've probably heard of Facebook and MySpace. The two web services are leading the social networking craze in the United States. But those big name websites are getting some surprising competition from South Korea.


  • Vanessa Hua

Pork and the Chinese Economy

There's a lot of talk and worry these days about the crisis in the US housing market and its impact on the broader economy. In China, there's similar worry -- but it's about pork. The country's inflation in September leaped to its highest level in eleven years. One of the culprits is pork and its rising cost. It's the meat of choice in China and the poorest Chinese are the ones who miss their pork the most.


  • Yuen Chan

Pork Commentary

Host K. Oanh Ha shares how pork saved her family's life.

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"Spring Is Coming" performed by the Khac Chi Ensemble, from the CD Moonlight in Viet Nam (Henry Street Records 0005)

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