Thu, Sep 13, 2007 -- 6:30 PM

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's resignation, Outsourcing Language Lessons, Preserving Maori Language, Inspire '07, Hiroshi Sugimoto

Host: K. Oanh Ha

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's resignation

Japan's political scene was jolted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's abrupt resignation this week. The aftershocks of his resignation sent his political party scrambling for a successor while the Nikkei index took a tumble.


  • Lucy Craft

Outsourcing Language Lessons

Around the world, people learn English to gain an edge in the global business market. And now, as China becomes a bigger economic player in the world, Americans are turning toward Mandarin. And as we find out, these language lessons are only a phone call away.


  • Vanessa Hua

Preserving Maori Language

In New Zealand, there's a crusade to save the language of the Maori people. For the past 25 years, special preschools have been bringing together grandparents and babies to preserve the Maori language and tradition.


  • Lisa Morehouse

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Midshow break: "Ly Con Sao" by Tranh Sao Bao on "The Rough Guide to the Music of Vietnam" - World Music Networks/Rough Guides (RGNET1183CD)

Inspire '07

Asian Americans represent over four percent of the U.S. population, but in Congress, there are only eight members of Asian heritage. Activists say the same disparity exists in the world of business, entertainment and other sectors. Hundreds recently gathered in San Francisco for a leadership conference to train the next generation of community leaders.


  • Mina Kim

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"Trance No.1" by Suzie Ibarra Trio on "songbird suite" Tzadik Records (no catalog info)

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Would you like to travel back to the age of the dinosaurs, seventeenth century Holland, or to New York before the Twin Towers fell? Artist Hiroshi Sugimoto can take you to those places, all with an unlikely time machine: his camera. His photographs have earned him a big following around the world, including his native Japan and in the U.S. where he lives.


  • Alison Bing

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