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Boosting Business in the Philippines -- American firms are turning to the Philippines to handle customer relations. The program reports on how this phenomenon is boosting business on the archipelago in unexpected ways. Also, the program learns how a herdsman from Mongolia has won a major American environmental award.

Host: K. Oanh Ha

Mongolian Herder Wins Environmental Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prize recognizes one individual in each of six regions for his or her role in fighting to protect the environment. Many weren't seasoned activists. The Asian winner this year is literally from the grassroots. Setska Moonkhbayar, who grew up in a family of nomadic herders in Mongolia, organized other nomads into a group that successfully lobbied the government to pass water protection laws.

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"Bridle Ringing" by Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band, from "Blue Mongol" (Soundscape SSC 1147)

Gold Mining Firm Cleared of Toxic Dumping Charges in Indonesia

Newmont Mining, the world's second-largest producer of gold, was acquitted this week by an Indonesian court. The firm, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, was accused of dumping toxic mercury and arsenic waste off Indonesia's Sulawesi Island. The trial was watched closely by environmental groups and foreign investors.


  • Catherine Coumans , research coordinator at MiningWatch in Ottawa, Canada
  • Don Emmerson , director of the Southeast Asia Forum at Stanford University

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"First ... And Then" by Handsome Boy Modeling School, from "White People Instrumental" (Atlantic/Elektra 62988-2)

Hula Dancing in Gym Class

Hula dancing is part of the physical education curriculum at the Laboratory School, a charter school in Honolulu run by the University of Hawaii's College of Education. Ninth grade students take off their flip flops and practice hula in their school's cafeteria for more than 40 minutes each day.


  • Lisa Morehouse

More info:

  • photo slideshow : see photos of the ninth grade hula class at the Lab School

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"Spring Is Coming" by Khac Chi Ensemble, from "Moonlight in Vietnam" (Henry Street Records HSR 0005)

Asian Studies Scholars Convene for Academic Schmooze-Fest

The annual meeting of the Association of Asian Studies drew 3,151 people to Boston last month for 228 sessions on everything from the the future of Japan-China economic relations to sewers in 19th-century Calcutta.


  • Jocelyn Ford

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"Edge of this Earth" by Art Hirahara, from "Edge of This Earth"

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