Mon, Mar 18, 2013 -- 11:00 AM

A Decade On, Evaluating the Iraq War

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Ten years ago, a U.S.-led invasion brushed aside Iraq's army and toppled the country's long-time leader, Saddam Hussein. The swift military operation quickly became a difficult and complicated occupation. The U.S. found itself fighting an insurgency, and a sectarian conflict nearly consumed the country. After years of bloody conflict, multiple tactical and strategic changes in course and the election of a new Iraqi parliament, U.S. forces left the country in 2012. Thousands of Americans died, tens of thousands were injured, and many more Iraqis perished. A decade later, what was accomplished? Guests joining host Neal Conan include John Nagle, former key aide to General Petraeus; military historian Thomas Ricks and NPR Commentator Ted Koppel.

Host: Neal Conan

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