Thu, Dec 8, 2011 -- 6:33 AM

Quan Recall ... News Choppers ... Vanishing Middle Classes

Group Seeking Quan's Recall May Start Signature Gathering
The recall effort is underway to oust Oakland Mayor Jean Quan from power. A group that qualified for the effort yesterday has until mid-May to collect 20,000 valid petition signatures; if they do, the recall question would go before voters.

Berkeley Asking News Helicopters to Reduce Noise
Berkeley's city council is looking at ways to cut down on noise from TV news helicopters. The city council will ask news organizations to consider sharing helicopters, and to raise the minimum altitude.

PPIC Finds Middle Class in California Shrinking
A study out today from the Public Policy Institute of California finds the middle class in the state shrinking to below 50 percent as a result of the Great Recession. The report is at and PPIC economist Sarah Bohn has more details.

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