Fri, Sep 23, 2011 -- 7:33 AM

Nurses Strike ... UC Berkeley Protests ... Dolphin Porpoise Turf-War

Nurses Strike Continues
After a one-day strike, nurses at Sutter hospitals in the Bay Area and at Oakland Children's Hospital, are out on the streets again Friday hoping to return to work.

After Tense First Day, UC Berkeley Protests May Continue
Protests could continue today at UC Berkeley over proposed tuition hikes. Police arrested one student during a last night's demonstration at Tolman Hall. UC regents are considering annual tuition hikes between eight and 16 percent, depending on state funding for higher education.

Marine Biologists Find Surprising Underwater Turf-War off SF Coast
Scientists say an unusual turf war is turning violent in the waters off San Francisco. Dolphins, versus porpoises. According to the Chronicle, marine biologists have seen an alarming rise in what they're calling "porpicide": dolphins brutally killing porpoises, presumably to defend territory.

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